October is a beautiful month to visit Paris, as the weather is still relatively warm and sunny, but the crowds have started to thin out.

However, it is important to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions, as the temperature can drop significantly at night.

In this article, we will discuss what to wear in Paris in October, including tips on layering, choosing the right fabrics, and packing for all types of weather. We will also provide some outfit ideas for both men and women.

So, whether you are planning a romantic weekend getaway or a family vacation, be sure to read this article before you pack your bags for Paris in October!

Top Clothing Essentials

paris outfit in october

To make the most of your October trip to Paris, it’s essential to have the right clothing essentials.

Here’s a breakdown of what to pack for a comfortable and stylish stay:

Layered Outfits

October weather in Paris can be changeable, so opt for long-sleeve tops and lightweight sweaters.

Layering allows you to adapt to temperature shifts throughout the day.

Light Jackets

Bring along a medium-weight jacket or coat for cooler evenings and to stay warm during breezy moments.

Choose a versatile piece that complements your outfits.

Scarves And Shawls

Accessorize with scarves and shawls to add a touch of elegance to your look and stay cozy during chilly mornings or evenings.

Comfortable Footwear

Paris is a city best explored on foot, so pack closed-toe shoes that offer both comfort and style. Ankle boots and flats are excellent options for city strolls.

Stylish Accessories

Elevate your outfits with stylish accessories like hats, sunglasses, or statement jewelry.

These pieces can transform a simple look into a chic ensemble.

Fabrics And Materials

The choice of fabrics and materials is crucial to ensure you feel comfortable throughout your stay in Paris:

Breathable Fabrics

Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for those milder autumn days. They allow air circulation and prevent you from feeling overheated.

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Embrace cozy knitwear during sweater weather in Paris.

Knit sweaters not only keep you warm but also add a touch of texture and style to your outfits.

Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Avoid bulky or heavy materials, as the October weather is typically not excessively cold. Opt for lighter fabrics to move around with ease.

Water-Resistant Options

While Paris is known for its romantic drizzles, it’s wise to have water-resistant options in your wardrobe.

Consider a rain jacket or a coat with a water-repellent finish.

Versatile Clothing Choices

Pack versatile clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched to create various stylish outfits.

This ensures you have flexibility and options for any occasion.

Fashionable Outfit Ideas

Explore the stylish side of Paris with these outfit ideas:

Chic Dresses

Opt for sophisticated dresses, perfect for wandering charming streets or enjoying a cafe outing.

Stylish Trench Coats

Embrace the classic elegance of a trench coat, ideal for both day and evening wear.

Classic Denim Looks

Stay effortlessly chic with well-fitted denim paired with trendy tops or jackets.

Fashionable Sweaters

Choose trendy sweaters to stay cozy while showcasing your style.

Trendy Boots

Elevate any outfit with trendy boots that add a touch of flair to your ensemble.

Tips For Day And Night

Tips For Day And Night

Make the most of your Parisian experience with these days and night outfit tips:

Casual Daywear

Opt for comfortable yet fashionable outfits for daytime exploration, like jeans paired with cozy sweaters or tops.

Dressing Up For Evenings

For evenings, dress up with dresses or stylish tops and bottoms, adding accessories for a chic touch.

Mixing Fashion With Comfort

Strike a balance between fashion and comfort, choosing outfits that allow you to enjoy the city comfortably.

Transitional Outfits

Plan outfits that transition easily from day to night with simple changes, like adding a scarf or switching shoes.

Dress Code For Special Events

If attending special events, dress appropriately in stylish and sophisticated attire.

Considerations For Travel

To ensure a smooth and stylish trip to Paris, keep these essential travel considerations in mind:

Versatile Color Palettes

Pack clothing items in neutral and complementary colors, allowing for easy mix-and-match outfits during your stay.

Packing Lightly

Aim to pack smartly and avoid overpacking. Stick to essential clothing and versatile pieces to make traveling more manageable.

Weather Forecast Check

Stay updated on the weather forecast to pack suitable attire for the expected conditions in Paris.

Local Fashion Influences

Embrace the chic Parisian style by observing local fashion influences and incorporating them into your outfits.

Shopping In Paris

Shopping In Paris

Leave room in your luggage for potential fashion finds in the fashion capital. Explore local boutiques and markets to discover unique pieces.


1. Is it Cold In Paris In October?

October in Paris is relatively mild, with temperatures averaging around 10°C to 17°C (50°F to 63°F). It’s generally not too cold, but it can be chilly, especially in the evenings.

2. Is October A Good Month To Go To Paris?

Yes, October is a wonderful time to visit Paris. The weather is pleasant, and the city is less crowded compared to peak tourist seasons. It offers a charming atmosphere with beautiful autumn colors.


So, what to wear in Paris in October? By considering versatile color palettes, packing lightly, checking the weather forecast, embracing local fashion influences, and leaving space for shopping, you’ll have a delightful and fashion-forward experience in Paris.

Enjoy your journey, and savor the elegance of the City of Lights!