Discovering the City of Love in just two days? Look no further for an unforgettable Parisian adventure! From the Eiffel Tower’s enchanting allure to strolling along the charming streets of Montmartre, this vibrant city is bursting with must-see attractions. Indulge in delectable pastries at quaint sidewalk cafes, immerse yourself in the captivating history at the Louvre Museum, and witness the artistic spirit in every corner.

Whether you’re drawn to the grandeur of Notre Dame or seeking the bohemian ambiance of the Latin Quarter, this guide will navigate you through the best of what to do in Paris in 2 days. Get ready for a whirlwind escapade filled with romance, culture, and memories to last a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Paris in just 2 days. This guide offers a curated itinerary, taking you from iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum to hidden gems such as the Musée d’Orsay. Balancing culture, cuisine, and charm, ensures a memorable Parisian adventure.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Exploring Paris’s Iconic Landmarks

Iconic Landmarks

Paris, the City of Light, is a kaleidoscope of extraordinary sights and vibrant cultures. On our first day, we’re going to dive into the city’s heart, unveiling the iconic landmarks that truly define Paris.

We’ll savor every moment from sunrise to sunset, engaging with history, art, and natural beauty, truly experiencing the essence of Paris.

Morning: Visiting the Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro Gardens

Start your day with a trip to the quintessential symbol of Paris, the majestic Eiffel Tower. As the sun gently casts its first rays, the tower’s iron latticework glows, creating a stunning silhouette against the morning sky.

You can either choose to take the elevator or, for the more adventurous, climb the stairs to the top. Here, take in the panoramic view of Paris that will leave you awestruck.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find the Trocadéro Gardens. This beautiful oasis is the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll. The gardens offer another excellent view of the Eiffel Tower, especially lovely with the backdrop of beautifully manicured gardens and sparkling fountains.

Afternoon: Exploring the Louvre Museum and its highlights

After a delightful lunch, head over to the Louvre Museum, the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris.

Spend your afternoon exploring its vast collection that spans thousands of years. Be sure to visit the iconic “Mona Lisa” and the classical “Venus de Milo.” The pyramid entrance itself is a sight to behold!

Evening: Enjoying a scenic Seine River cruise

As the sun starts to set, making way for a star-studded night, embark on a scenic Seine River cruise. This romantic boat ride offers stunning views of Paris’s landmarks all lit up, including the Notre Dame and the Louvre.

Not to mention, the Eiffel Tower at night is simply mesmerizing. Sit back, relax, and soak in the enchanting Parisian atmosphere as you drift along the river, capping off an unforgettable first day in Paris.

Day 2: Immersing in Parisian Culture

Parisian Culture

As we embark on our second day exploring what to do in Paris in 2 days, we’ll immerse ourselves fully in the city’s captivating culture. From the romantic hills of Montmartre to the delicious local bistros, the soul of Paris awaits us.

Morning: Strolling through Montmartre and visiting Sacré-Cœur Basilica

Begin your day by wandering the cobblestone streets of Montmartre. This bohemian paradise is known for its artistic heritage and is crowned by the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Ascend to its top and bask in a breathtaking panorama of Paris.

Afternoon: Discovering the charm of Île de la Cité and Notre-Dame Cathedral

Venture to the heart of Paris in the afternoon: the Île de la Cité. This enchanting island is home to the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral, an undeniable emblem of French Gothic architecture. Immerse yourself in the centuries-old history and charm that permeates the air.

Evening: Indulging in a delightful dinner in a local bistro

As the day winds down, settle into a cozy local bistro. Here, let your taste buds experience the diverse flavors of traditional French cuisine. Whether you try a creamy coq au vin or a delicate crème brûlée, it’s the perfect culinary conclusion to your day.

Cultural Experiences and Must-See Attractions

Cultural Experiences

In addition to the iconic landmarks, Paris is brimming with cultural experiences and must-see attractions that make it truly unique. The 3 such attractions are discussed below:

Sampling French cuisine at local markets and patisseries

One of the joys of Parisian life is its food. Visit local markets to sample an array of French delicacies, from pungent cheeses to aromatic sausages.

And a trip to a patisserie is a must. Taste the flaky, buttery croissants and the colorful macarons that make French pastries famous worldwide.

Exploring the bohemian streets of Le Marais and its trendy boutiques

Le Marais is a delightful blend of old and new Paris. Its historic, narrow streets are lined with trendy boutiques and charming cafés. Spend some time exploring this vibrant district, perhaps finding a souvenir or two along the way.

Enjoying a leisurely walk along the picturesque banks of the Seine

Finally, nothing beats a leisurely stroll along the banks of the Seine. The river, with its beautifully lit bridges and passing boats, provides a romantic backdrop to the city.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy the tranquil beauty of Paris, culminating your 2-day Parisian adventure.

Hidden Gems and Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

Apart from the famed Parisian landmarks, the city has a myriad of hidden gems that offer enriching, off-the-beaten-path experiences. Let’s venture beyond the ordinary and explore some of these unique locales.

Discovering the artistic ambiance of Musée d’Orsay

Nestled on the left bank of the Seine, Musée d’Orsay is a treasure trove of art, hosting a vast collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces. The museum itself, housed in a former railway station, is a work of art.

Unveiling the secrets of Parisian literary history at Shakespeare and Company bookstore

Step into the charming world of the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, a haven for bibliophiles.

This legendary bookstore has been a gathering place for notable writers and artists since the early 20th century. Its cozy nooks and crannies are perfect for losing yourself in a good book.

Admiring the beauty of Luxembourg Gardens and its tranquil atmosphere

End your journey in the serene Luxembourg Gardens. This green oasis in the heart of Paris offers manicured lawns, blooming flowers, and quiet corners where you can relax and reflect on your Parisian adventure.

Practical Tips for a Successful Two-Day Visit

Practical Tips

If you’re pondering what to do in Paris in 2 days, planning wisely is key. Here are 3 practical tips to ensure you get the most out of your visit.

Efficient transportation options, including the Paris Metro

Navigating Paris is a breeze with its efficient public transport system. The Paris Metro covers nearly every corner of the city and is a cost-effective way to move around. Don’t forget to grab a Metro map!

Prioritizing attractions based on personal interests

With so much to see and do, prioritize attractions that align with your interests. If you love art, spend more time in the city’s museums. If you’re a foodie, explore more local markets and patisseries.

Utilizing skip-the-line tickets and guided tours to save time

To make the most of your short stay, consider purchasing skip-the-line tickets or booking guided tours. They’ll save you time waiting in queues and provide valuable insights into the city’s rich history and culture.

If you are planning to visit Paris then you may check a crucial guide on how to avoid pickpockets in Paris.

Making the Most of Your Limited Time

Making the Most

Discovering Paris in a limited time is an exciting endeavor, but it’s essential to make the most out of your stay without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Here are 3 tips on maintaining a healthy pace while fully enjoying the city’s charm.

Emphasizing the importance of pacing and relaxation

While it’s tempting to see everything in Paris, remember that it’s equally important to soak in the city’s spirit at a relaxed pace.

Don’t rush from one site to another. Instead, take your time to appreciate the details, the architecture, and the atmosphere around you.

Balancing structured activities with spontaneous exploration

While having a travel plan for a selected destination is beneficial, allowing some time for spontaneous exploration could lead to unique discoveries.

Perhaps it’s an unassuming bakery with the best croissants you’ve ever tasted or a street artist’s performance that captivates you. These unplanned moments often become the most memorable.

Taking breaks at charming cafes to soak in the Parisian ambiance

Paris is renowned for its café culture. Take breaks in your day to rest at charming cafés. Whether you’re people-watching, reading a book, or simply savoring a cup of café au lait, these breaks not only rejuvenate you but also provide a quintessential Parisian experience.

Remember, exploring Paris isn’t just about ticking off a list of attractions, it’s about immersing yourself in its ambiance and way of life.


visit Paris

1. Is 2 days enough to visit Paris?

While 2 days can provide a taste of Paris, it’s ideal to spend more time fully exploring the city’s wonders. Consider extending your stay to immerse yourself in its art, history, and vibrant culture.

2. How many days do you really need in Paris?

To truly experience Paris, plan for at least 4-5 days. This allows ample time to visit iconic landmarks, explore neighborhoods, indulge in culinary delights, and immerse yourself in the city’s enchanting atmosphere.

3. Should I spend more time in Paris or London?

Both Paris and London offer unique experiences, so the ideal duration depends on your interests. If you’re drawn to art, fashion, and romance, more time in Paris is recommended. For history, theater, and a cosmopolitan vibe, London deserves additional days.


In conclusion, Paris is a city that effortlessly captivates the hearts of visitors. Whether you have 2 days or more, this guide ensures you make the most of your time, embracing the iconic landmarks, immersing in the vibrant culture, and uncovering hidden gems.

From the romantic streets of Montmartre to the world-class art museums and delightful culinary experiences, Paris offers a truly magical adventure. So pack your bags, indulge in croissants, and wander along the Seine River.

Get ready to create unforgettable memories in the City of Light. Paris awaits you with open arms, ready to leave a lasting impression on your soul.