According to Bloomberg, Delta will keep 14 Boeing 757-200 aircraft that were supposed to be retired within the next two years; the article cites that this is partly due to the pilots rejecting a proposed contract earlier this year.

For those that know the Delta 757-200 fleet well, there are several different configurations out there; although, it recently retired its last Boeing 757-200 (N) which had some frequent fliers rejoicing as the running joke is the N stood for vaNilla as they were just plain jane 757s that did not have any in-flight entertainment, winglets, or powerports.

Delta has been in the process of standardizing the 757-200s with 20 first class seats, 29 Comfort+, and 150 regular economy seats, and there is also in-seat power, LED lighting, and in-seat entertainment; so far, the airline has converted 19 into the new configuration. Delta has also begun retrofitting a few 757s into a special charter configuration for the NBA rather than continue to use the A319 for NBA charters.

Just recently, Delta acquired five more Boeing 757-200s, from Shanghai Airlines, to add to its international 757 fleet. Four of the five aircraft are arleady in the process of being converted to start flying revenue service sometime either later this year or early next year.

Delta still has a little more than 50 Boeing 737-900ERs on order which are set to replace some of the 757-200 and older 767-300 domestic aircraft. The airline also plans to take delivery of its first of 45 Airbus A321 aircraft sometime early next year with deliveries continuing through 2018.