JetBlue Timetables, Route Maps, and History

The Timetables, Route Maps, and History from JetBlue. JetBlue, from its 2000 launch and for the early part of the decade was the industry darling, but operational meltdowns, a well publicized emergency landing (with no injuries or airframe damage), and financial losses have extracted their toll. The founder of the airline, Dave C. Neeleman resigned in 2007 as CEO and then left to form a new startup airline in his native Brazil. With the Oil Shock of 2008 underway, Jet Blue was forced to sell aircraft, constrain growth, and delay new deliveries of aircraft. Also in 2007-08, Lufthansa acquired a 20% stake in the airline. The startup of Virgin America actually has lured Jet Blue into airports not part of its business model like LAX, though in early 2007 this service was delayed. Still, as of 2012, Jet Blue continues to be one of the few great commercial flying experiences (at least in economy) left in the United States. JetBlue operates Airbus A320s and Embraer ERJ-190s.
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