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American Airlines Boeing Sky Cabin 737-800  - 2012

American Airlines Boeing Sky Cabin 737-800 - 2012

In 2012, American's new Boeing 737-800s boasted the new Boeing Sky Interior cabin. The new Boeing Sky Interior, first introduced in 2010, (BSI) featuring new programmable LED lighting, larger overhead bin space and sculpted side walls can be found in this seating configuration. The BSI interior is arriving on new 737-800 aircraft entering the American Airlines fleet and being retrofitted on existing aircraft. They 16 First Class seats in a 2-2 configuration have 40" pitch and 21" width while the non-reclining and higher density economy cabin has 144 seats in a 3-3 configuration with a 31" pitch and 17.2" width. These 737s all have inflight internet Wi-Fi, but inflight video is provided on overhead flip down LCD screens. These images were taken in November 2012 on a MSY-MIA flight.

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