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Memphis International Airport Concourse C  - 2011

Memphis International Airport Concourse C - 2011

Memphis International Airport is most known for being the home of Fed Ex's "Superhub". It was an original hub of Southern, Republic, Northwest, and finally Delta until the hub was downsized in March of 2011. This move was widely expected following Delta's 2008 merger with Northwest which made Memphis somewhat redundant to Delta's Atlanta hub. Unusual for a city of its size but due to the SkyTeam Alliance which Delta commands, Memphis features a daily non-stop flight to Europe (Amsterdam). However, the future of this flight is under question. The main terminal ticketing hall, opened in 1963, is quite striking and reminiscent of airports in Saudi Arabia in my view. There are three terminals: A, B (the original 1963 terminal), and C with B being the largest and home of Delta. Terminal A with 23 gates is home to AirTran/Southwest and Delta. Terminal B has 42 gates on 2 concourses and his home to Delta though many gates are unused. Terminal C with 18 gates is home to the remainder of the airlines at Memphis: Air Canada, United, American, and USAirways. Unique to Memphis and of particular note to BBQ fans is the number of BBQ restaurants located throughout the terminal. You can never leave MEM and feel like you've had an excellent tour of Memphis' most famous cuisine. The airport has 4 runways with a massive amount of night operations, owing to Fed Ex.
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