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AirwaysNews.com (RSS: http://airwaysnews.com/html/feed), the strategic alliance of Airchive.com and Airways Magazine, is a continuously updated, forward leaning source of news, features, and information for the vibrant and ever-changing commercial aviation industry. Coverage includes everything from breaking news and analysis to first flight coverage, aircraft rollouts, investigative series, profile Q&As, plane spotting and more. Since its 2003 launch as Airchive.com, the site has amassed a full team of aviation expert reporters who tackle this industry from all over the world. Check out AirwaysNews.com’s experts in Forbes, The Washington Post, Business Insider, CNET and Skift, among others.

  • Chris Sloan

    Chris Sloan

    President & Founder - AirwaysNews.com / Associate Editor - Airways Magazine

    Airways News

    Founder of AirwaysNews.com as Airchive, Sloan is a veteran reporter and aviation expert with a keen historical bent, having appeared in Forbes, USA Today, CNN, Airways Magazine, Business Insider, CNET. Has covered the inaugurals and major flights of the 747-8, 787, A380. Chris has been an airline enthusiast since he was 5 years old. Over the years, he amassed an extensive collection of aviation memorabilia and photos. In early February 2003, he decided to share this collection with the world and created Airchive.com. Sloan is also President and Founder of a major television production and promotion company, 2C Media. Occasionally, 2C and Sloan produce programming that appeals to his passion of flying such as "International Airport 24/7: Miami" on the Travel Channel. Contact Sloan at chris.sloan@2c.tv or chris.sloan@airwaysnews.com

    Favorite Airline: Pan Am, National, and Braniff
    Favorite Airplane: Boeing 747 - any flavor!
    Favorite Airport: Miami International - my hometown airport!
  • Benét J. Wilson

    Benét J. Wilson

    Co Editor-In-Chief - AirwaysNews.com

    Airways News

    Benét J. Wilson – Veteran aviation journalist and blogger who has covered the industry for numerous media outlets, including About.com, Cranky Flier, ACI-NA Centerlines, Aviation International News, Airport World and the Airline Passenger Experience magazine. She was also an editor for Aviation Week, and has served in senior communications positions at the Regional Airline Association, Mesa Air Group, Rolls-Royce North America and Delta.

  • Enrique Perrella

    Enrique Perrella

    Publisher & Editor in Chief – Airways Magazine

    Airways Magazine

    An aviation enthusiast, Commercial Pilot, writer and traveler with a Bachelors and Masters in Aviation Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and LUISS Business School. Enrique joined Airways in March 2014 as his group took over the reigns of the publication after 20 years under the tenure of John Wegg, founder and former Editor in Chief.

    Favorite Airline: Viasa
    Favorite Airplane: MD-11
    Favorite Airport: Tokyo-Haneda
  • Jack Harty

    Jack Harty

    Senior Correspondent


    Jack Harty is a Houston based correspondent for Airways Magazine and AirwaysNews. He has had a passion for aviation for as long as he can remember, and he is currently pursuing an aviation business degree at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Harty writes about the latest airline industry news for AirwaysNews, and some of his most popular stories include: a continuously updated timeline of 787 news during the grounding, a historical perspective about the American and US Airways’ merger, coverage of the final Delta DC-9 flights, and the final days of AirTran. He has also has been a contributor to BusinessInsider.com, CNET.com, CNN, Fox News, and USA Today. Harty never slows down. He also enjoys photography and planning his next big adventure.

  • Vinay Bhaskara

    Vinay Bhaskara

    Senior Business Analyst

    Airways News

    Analyst covering finance, operations and regulatory matters surrounding the U.S. and international airline industry. Bhaskara has been quoted in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and South China Morning Post, The LA Times, and his work has appeared in Forbes, Business Insider and Skift

  • Luis Linares

    Luis Linares


    Airways News

    Born in NYC and grew up in Colombia, Luis was exposed to commercial aviation from a very early age. He also lived in South Florida, prior to attending the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado, and then served in the U.S. Air Force for twenty years. He is fluent in Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese and has almost two million miles of domestic and international travel under his belt. Luis has been a lifelong commercial aviation enthusiast and joined our team in April 2014. He has covered airplane, airport, and route news and has also written various trip reports and passenger experience pieces. Follow him on Twitter @LUISFERLINARES, or email him at Luis.Linares@airchive.com

  • Mike Slattery

    Mike Slattery


    Airways News

    By day, Mike Slattery is Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies and Professor in the School of Geology, Energy, and the Environment at Texas Christian University, USA. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford, England. Originally from South Africa, Mike is an internationally-trained geographer and environmental scientist who has written more than 80 scientific articles and a book on a range of environmental issues, from human impacts on rivers systems to the socio-economic impacts of large scale wind farms. But he is also an AvGeek with a particular interest in (and extensive collection of) airline menus. Mike’s work takes him all over the globe to landscapes as diverse as the cloud forests of Costa Rica to the game reserves of southern Africa. At last count, he had flown more than 1.2 million miles, equivalent to being in the air 102.6 days or 5.1 x the distance to the moon. “I’ll never understand how an airliner gets off the ground, but I sure love being in them!” He lives with his family in Fort Worth.

  • Howard Slutsken

    Howard Slutsken


    Airways News

    Howard Slutsken has been an AvGeek since he was a kid, watching Trans-Canada Airlines Super Connies, Viscounts, Vanguards & DC-8s at Montreal's Dorval Airport in the early '60s. He worked at Toronto International Airport in the 1970's as a "Ramp Rat", and got his Private Pilot's licence in 1980. He's added floatplane and glider ratings along the way, and will drop everything if he gets an opportunity to go flying. Howard is based in Vancouver BC, and operates a Communications and Marketing Consultancy, Wingborn Ltd. He's also Senior Correspondent for AirlineReporter.com. Follow him @HowardSlutsken and hist site at howard@wingborn.ca

  • Taylor Michie

    Taylor Michie


    Airways News

    Taylor Michie is the founder and media director at Racing Winds Media, and the editor-in-chief at Arteko: the exploration collective. Prior to joining Airchive.com, he ran The Racing Winds Blog, where his aviation and sailing coverage attracted readers in 140 countries and territories worldwide. Passionate about all things travel, Taylor most enjoys exploring new places, but you can find him sailing on the Chesapeake Bay when not on the road. Currently based in Washington, DC, Taylor will relocate to New York City in the fall to study International Relations at Fordham University. Follow him on Twitter @racingwinds or reach him at Taylor.Michie@airchive.com

  • Jason Rabinowitz

    Jason Rabinowitz

    Special Correspondent

    Airways News

    Jason Rabinowitz pictured on an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Delivery Flight after just winning keys to the plane. Jason is the New York based co-editor of the phenomenally popular NYCAviation website, a contributor to the industry-leading and B2B publication APEX Association specializing in the passenger experience, a lead correspondent to AirlineReporter.com, a plane spotter extraordinaire, and a very active member of the #AvGeek Twittersphere @AirlineFlyer. See more of Jason’s work at AviationPhotographic.com and on his AirlineFlyer Facebook page. Come for the planes, but stay for the dry wit!

  • Benjamin Bearup

    Benjamin Bearup


    Airways News

    Benjamin has had a love for aviation since he was born. Being from Atlanta, Georgia, Ben is accustom to life around the World’s Busiest Airport (Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport). Being the Grand-Nephew of the late aviation legend Stuart M. Speiser, the lead attorney for the relatives of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland and author of more 15 aviation and law books, you could say aviation runs in his blood. In his spare time, Benjamin enjoys plane spotting, travelling, tweeting, and writing for his personal sports blog covering athletics at the University of Kentucky. Benjamin specializes in the development of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A350. His favorite aviation experience was taking part of Aviation Geek Fest (#AGF14) in the Seattle metropolitan area in February of 2014 and attending the grand opening of Delta’s Flight Museum. You can follow Benjamin on Twitter @TheAviationBeat

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