Photos: The First Painted PEOPLExpress Aircraft Has Arrived

By Jack Harty / Published May 31, 2014

Overnight, the first painted PEOPLExpress Boeing 737 quietly rolled out of the paint hangar. This comes just after the airline has announced that it will launch flights on June 30.

1399827_544769595633020_3407118487670958990_oCheck out these other pictures from the painting process:

1234767_544471225662857_8433786337312025842_n 10337763_544471205662859_8405065074927210855_n 10364079_544471182329528_1063298045250935799_n 10369980_544471268996186_3580070220235123556_nAll photos courtesy of PEOPLExpress

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