VIDEO: The Final DC-10 Commercial Flight

By Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren / Published March 4, 2014

DC10bw-1banNearly two weeks ago we traveled around the world – literally* – to bring you, our reader, coverage of the last passenger DC-10 flights ever.

While we hope you enjoyed our stories and photos, we do have one more thing, though, before we call our coverage a wrap: a super sweet video. We placed two Drift HD170 stealth mini video cameras in various places throughout the airplane from the cabin to the flight deck on our flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Birmingham, UK, via Kuwait City. Between the two we collected hours of video, which we boiled down over the past week to four minutes of pure av-geek goodness.

So here it is, folks, our video from the final commercial DC-10 flight. Sit back, soak it in, then share! We hope you enjoy it:

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* We aren’t exaggerating: Jeremy flew SEA-LAX-NRT-SIN-DAC-KWI-BHX-DUB-BOS-SEA in six days, and Chris flew MIA-JFK-LHR and back. Lots of miles. Look for reviews in the coming weeks on Singapore economy and British Airways’ exclusive A318 premium cabin service!

Thanks to Liz Matzelle for producing the video, and to the folks at Biman Bangladesh for making this happen.

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