Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 Crash Lands at San Francisco

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Updated: Saturday July 6, 2013 11:00pm EST

All 307 passengers and crew members have been accounted for. The NTSB is expected to arrive on the scene around midnight local time.

Fox affiliate KTVU-2 has live streaming the news coverage of the Asiana accident.

Fox affiliate KTVU-2 has live streaming the news coverage of the Asiana accident.

An Asiana Boeing 777-200ER operating from Seoul Incheon Airport, Korea to San Francisco, California crash landed at SFO today at 11:29AM PDT. Following 10 hours, 23 minutes in flight, flight 214 suffered a hard landing short of runway 28L near the rocky jetty in San Francisco Bay, the tailcone and tail separated aft of the passenger cabin and the aircraft continued down the runway before coming to rest between a runway and taxiway. The tail separated from the fuselage and parts of the ceiling of the fuselage have burnt away. The emergency exit doors opened and many evacuation slides deployed. Critically, SFO fire crews began dowsing the plane with foam before a larger fire could erupt. Local FOX affiliate, KTVU-TV reports there have been 2 fatalities and 61 injuries. San Francisco General Hospital is treating 10 people (8 adults and 2 children) described as critical. In a press conference they announced, a second wave of 20-30 victims are being sent to the hospital. All of their victims are described as “Korean speaking”. There are approximately 75 victims being sent to various hospitals.  SF Fire Dept. says Asiana provided manifest says “291 passengers with 16 crew for 307 total were onboard. 48 initial transports to area hospitals. Accounted for 190 people sent to safety zone at SFO, but numbers are fluid”. These are the first fatalities due to a 777 crash in the type’s 18 years of service. Mayor of San Francisco Edwin M. Lee says “not everyone has been accounted for”. Another airport official puts the number at “60 unaccounted for.” FBI Agent at press conference says “crash was NOT an act of terrorism”.

At the 5:30pm lt press conference, the total number of people unaccounted was decreased to one person. 123 uninjured people remain at the airport while 181 people are being treated at local hospitals. They also confirmed that two are dead. Prior to the news conference, Asiana Airlines released their official Press Release which can be read here. The next update will be at 7:30pm lt in San Francisco.

During a 7:35pm PST press conference in front of Sandford hospital, a spokesperson for the hospital, said that out of the 45 patients they have seen, 16 were admitted to the hospital.

At the 7:30pm PST airport news conference, it was announced that all passengers and crew members were accounted for. There were two fatalities. The NTSB is expected to arrive in San Francisco around midnight local time. Currently, there are limited flights departing and arriving at San Francisco on two of the four runways. The other two runways will be opened after the NTSB investigation.

Flight Track of Asiana Flight 214. Courtesy: Flight Aware

Flight Track of Asiana Flight 214.
Courtesy: Flight Aware

Video from the terminal of Asiana 777-200ER after accident.

One passenger, David Eunner @Eunner on Twitter, who was a passenger on the aircraft has posted a photo and tweeted: “Lots of activity here. Friends, pls don’t call right now. I’m fine. Most people are totally calm”.  There is no as of yet obvious reason for the crash as weather at SFO was fine with light winds, Visual Flight Rules, and just broken clouds at 1,600 feet. The NTSB has dispatched a Go Team to SFO to investigate. San Francisco Airport was immediately closed to all arriving and departing traffic. However, at 6:40pm San Francisco affiliate KTVU-2 reported that 2 runways Runway 1L & 1R were opening to traffic. These are 7,500 to 8,648 feet long respectively so there may be some weight restrictions on heavy aircraft. LAX’s twitter account indicated some flights have diverted there. 17 flights diverted to San Jose.


Photo Tweeted by: @EuniceBirdRah


Photo Tweeted by: @izzy_the_drizzy

Flight 214 crashed into the sea-wall rock jetty short of Runway 28L where the tail separated and the remainder of the fuselage continued down the runway

Flight 214 crashed into the sea-wall rock jetty short of Runway 28L where the tail separated and the remainder of the fuselage continued down the runway

Extra: CNN slideshow of accident aftermath here.

Extra: FOX affiliate KTVU-TV Live streaming coverage of accident here.

David Eunner's Tweet shows the 777ER just after the crash landing.

David Eunner’s Tweet shows the 777ER just after the crash landing.

The 777-200ER, MSN-29171 and registered HL7742 first flew in February, 2006. It is only the second hull loss of a Boeing 777 since the type began commercial service in 1995. British Airways flight 38 crashed just short of the runway at London Heathrow on January 17, 2008 after a flying in from Beijing. This is the first crash of a mainline airliner in the U.S. since American Airlines flight 587, an A300 B4-605 crashed after taking off from New York JFK on November 12, 2001. All 260 people on board the flight were killed, along with five people on the ground. The last fatal crash involving an airliner in the U.S. was Colgan Airlines flight 3407 on February 12, 2009. All 49 people on the Dash 8 Q-400 were killed.

Video of Asiana Boeing 777-200ER HL7742 landing at LAX from @DFWHeavy 

Asiana, began operations in December 1988 and international services in 1990. The airline operates 12 Boeing 777-200ERs. Asiana airline has suffered 2 fatal crashes: In 1993, a Boeing 737-500 crashed short of the runway at Mokpo Airport. 2 of the 6 crew members and 66 of the 110 passengers on board were killed. On 28 July 2011, Asiana Cargo Flight 991, a Boeing 747-400F bound for Shanghai Pudong from Seoul Incheon, crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Jeju Island, South Korea after reporting a fire in the cargo compartment. Asiana on their Twitter feed said “Our thoughts and prayers are with all the passengers, and flight crew on the flight. We hope to provide you with further info asap….Thank you for your concern and support at this time. We are currently investigating and will update with news as soon as possible.”

Extra: Images of Asiana Boeing 777-200ER HL7742

We will stay on this story, but needless to say, our prayers and thoughts go out to the victims, families, and those affected by this accident.

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